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A Program Designed for Leaders in The Real World.

before we start

We wanted to list out the things we believe set this academy apart from other leadership programs and the value you will get from the academy.


Something Different

We see a gap in current leadership programs. They are too short, focus fully on teaching/theory, and do not give measurable results. We wanted to change that.

Space to Grow

Instead of a weekend, we set goals over a year of growth together. Month over month you will be able to track and report measurable results and gains in your leadership needs.,

Vetted Peers

You will join a cohort of leaders that are just as committed and engaged as you are. We make sure of that through our application and selection process.

Expanding Value

In addition to your cohort program you will have access to our ever growing library of resources and tools for leaders/executives at no additional cost.

program purpose

Addressing the Gap in Leadership Training: Traditional leadership programs often fall short of meeting the dynamic needs of today’s professionals. They tend to be overly theoretical, slow-paced, and rigid in their approach, which can be counterproductive for the fast-moving and result-oriented leaders of today. Our High Performance Leadership Academy recognizes this gap and offers a revolutionary approach to leadership development.

A Dynamic, Results-Driven Approach: Unlike conventional programs, the High Performance Leadership Academy is designed for impact and agility. We understand that every leader is unique, and a one-size-fits-all philosophy is ineffective. Our program is anchored in a multi-faceted methodology that includes:

  • Coaching: Tailored guidance to help you navigate your leadership journey.
  • Peer Support: Collaborative learning and networking with fellow leaders.
  • Training: Practical, skills-focused sessions that go beyond theoretical knowledge.
  • Reflection: Structured self-reflection to foster personal and professional growth.
  • Accountability: Ensuring commitments translate into real-world results.

Real-World Results and Enhanced Capabilities: Our program is not just about learning; it’s about doing and achieving. It is meticulously crafted to prepare participants for the most valuable professional experiences of their careers. Through this program, you will:

  • Achieve new heights in your leadership capabilities and performance.
  • Garner significant, measurable results for your organization.
  • Experience a transformative journey that challenges and elevates your leadership style.

Embark on a Leadership Journey Like No Other: The High Performance Leadership Academy is more than a program; it’s a catalyst for enduring leadership excellence. It’s time to step into a world of leadership that’s as dynamic and results-oriented as you are.

Whats Included in the Academy?

  • 12 High-Impact Modules: Specifically crafted to enhance your skills to be a top leader.
  • Personalized Coaching: Two one-on-one coaching sessions for individualized growth.
  • Monthly Cohort Sessions: Twelve 4-hour sessions, facilitating collaborative learning and networking.
  • Powerful Leadership Tools: Empower teams and individuals and set a great accountability strategy.
  • Bonuses: In addition to all this, there are hidden surprises/bonuses in the Academy.
  • Certificate of Completion: Awarded to those who successfully graduate, marking their achievement and commitment.

Created in partnership with the Center for Executive Coaching

program modules x 12.

leadership disciplines, behaviors, and habits

leadership and the power of perception

communicate simply & powerfully

engage and mobilize employees

managing up or leading up

handling overwhelm & getting control of time

thinking comprehensively to get great ideas and solve crucial problems

influence with impact

your powerbase and building strong professional relationships

strategic planning

create a high-performance culture/prepare for graduation

graduation/taking your leadership into the community

exclusive access to ION

As an enrolled member of the Ozark Impact Academy, you’re not just signing up for a leadership development program – you’re gaining a front-row seat to the evolution of impactful leadership. Alongside the comprehensive Academy curriculum, you’ll receive exclusive early access to my upcoming book, “Impact Over Noise™️,” and the pioneering ION Framework™️.

This is more than just a preview; as an Academy student, your insights and feedback will help shape the book and framework, ensuring they address real-world challenges and needs. You’ll be directly contributing to a growing body of knowledge that will enhance the Academy’s content and enrich your leadership journey.

By joining the Academy, you’re not only investing in your personal and professional growth but also becoming a part of a dynamic process that shapes the future of leadership development. This unique opportunity to influence and benefit from the ‘Impact Over Noise™️’ content makes your experience with the Ozark Impact Academy truly one of a kind.

the format

Transform Your Leadership in a Year with Ozark Impact Academy

Embark on a year-long journey of growth and discovery with the Ozark Impact Academy, structured into 12 insightful modules, each unlocking new dimensions of leadership every month.

Monthly 4-Hour Intensive Sessions:

  • Reflect and Review: We start by revisiting our previous month’s goals. This is a time for candid reflection on achievements and understanding obstacles that may have hindered progress.
  • Interactive Learning: Dive deep into the monthly module, engaging in vibrant, interactive discussions that challenge and inspire.
  • Group Coaching and Peer Mentoring: Benefit from group coaching sessions, opening avenues for shared learning and personal growth. Following this, engage in smaller peer mentoring groups, fostering a mastermind environment for deeper exploration.
  • Goal Setting: Conclude each session by setting clear, achievable objectives for the next 30 days, aligning your actions with your leadership aspirations.

Between Sessions – Continuous Engagement and Learning: Get access to this content immediately upon enrollment.

  • Direct Access to getting help between sessions: By email and phone, talk to your coach directly about any problem you face.
  • Active Community Network: Connect with your cohort and a broader community of current students and alumni. This dynamic network offers a space for ongoing dialogue, support, and shared experiences.

Start Your Leadership Transformation Today
Enroll in Ozark Impact Academy and immediately access a wealth of resources and a community dedicated to your growth as a leader.

One-Time Cost: $8000 $4500* (Limited Time Offer for New Cohorts)

For the Alpha Cohort only, it is $2500 to join or $500/mo for six months. 

Note: Tuition Assistance is available. Check to see if your organization already has special pricing or not.


Get real-world results and build a solid leadership foundation for years to come.