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Find your impact through the noise.

Go beyond the weekend leadership seminars, books, and courses to measurable career and team-changing results.

academy overview

  • 100% focused on RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS for you, your organization, and your career.
  • A no-fluff, proven curriculum that not only improves leadership skills but also produces measurable results.
  • Join a cohort of talented leaders monthly over a year with a single-minded purpose: Show significant, measureable improvements in performance.
  • Get one on one support throughout the duration of the academy, and maintain access to academy content for almost forever* (5 years at least, we can't legally say forever I guess...)

We wanted to build a leadership academy that focuses on building real measurable results over time. Backed by a supporting and judgment-free community, an ever growing library of resources, and access to one-on-one executive coaching.

This program provides every opportunity to have the biggest growth in career of your leadership skills and impact.


Built and delivered by Ozark Impact Group in partnership with The Center for Executive Coaching. OIG is a company dedicated to leaving a positive mark. Helping Leaders, Organizations, and Coaches be more effective.


Get real-world results and build a solid leadership foundation for years to come. Dig into what the program is, what you get, and who it is for on the Program Details page!!!